Legion V rules

Everything you need to know before you consider joining: Member rules, dkp-system, our philosophy and goals, etc.

Legion V rules

Postby Wook » Fri Jan 04, 2008 12:50 am

Guild rules of Legion V

Thank you for your interest in Legion V! Before posting an application, please take note of the following points:

Chapter 1 – General guild rules

You must be 18 years or older to be a member of Legion V.

Treat every guild member with respect at all times.

We play to have fun, and our focus as a guild is PvE content.

Real life is more important than wow, and we will respect this.

Whilst we don't insist that you keep your alts in Legion V it is preferred that you do.

You are expected to comply with all of Blizzard policies. Breaking the Terms of Service will lead to a guild kick.

Applying to join another guild whilst still a member of Legion V is frowned upon and will lead to a guild kick.

Chapter 2 – Guild management

The guild is run by five Senators. The Senate makes major decisions for the guild and all major changes and recruitment require the approval of at least three Senators to take effect.

A Prefect has been selected by the Senate for a specific guild or raid management role. They are the officers of the guild and you can speak to them about any aspect within their area of responsibility or any other guild related matter that you might not wish to bring up publicly.

The Legionnaire rank is the core raiding rank players are granted after successfully completing their trial.

New members start their trial period in Legion V with the Recruit rank. A trial period lasts for a minimum of 20 days, after which the recruit will be evaluated on their performance during the next monthly officer meeting. The possible outcomes for a Recruit are a promotion to Legionnaire, an extended trial period or a failed trial resulting in removal from the guild.

A player can apply for the Academy rank if they wish to join the guild, but are not ready to join the guild’s main raids. Additionally, a player who applies for the Recruit rank can be offered the Academy rank instead, if the Officers conclude that they are not ready for a full trial period. The Academy is explained in more detail in Chapter 5.

Players with the Immune rank are social members in the guild. This rank is reserved for former raiders that stopped raiding and applied for the Immune rank. Friends of current members can be invited to the Immune rank as socials.

Alts of Senators and Prefects have the Vicarius rank. Alts of Legionnaires, Recruits and Academy are given the Militia rank. Alts of Immunes also have the Immune rank.

Chapter 3 – Raiding rules

All raiders are expected to abide by the rules laid out in this chapter. The raiders in Legion V are players on the following ranks: Recruit, Legionnaire, Prefect and Senator.

Legion V raids three times per week. All raiders must have a raid attendance of 50% or more.

Our raid times are Wednesday, Thursdays and Sundays from 20:00 to 23:00. Invites start 30 minutes prior to raid start.

If a Legionnaire’s performance or attendance does not meet expectations, they can be demoted back to Recruit and have to complete another trial in order to remain in the guild.

Raiders must sign up for a raid 24 hours before raid time at the latest. The raid leader must confirm players for a raid the night before or leave a message on the forum explaining why it is not possible to confirm players at that time.

After being confirmed for a raid on the raid planner, a player must attend the raid. If a raider is prevented from attending after being confirmed, they must inform the guild in a timely manner, preferably several hours before the raid. Repeated absence from raids without notice may lead to a demotion or removal from the guild. Special situations like emergencies do not count against a player.

If a raider plans to miss three or more consecutive raids, they must inform the guild in the Inactive forum. In this case the absence is not counted against a player’s expected attendance.

Raiders are expected to come prepared for the raid. Be sure to bring flasks, food and potions, repair your gear and read up on tactics. Failure to do so can result in being replaced or benched.

Raiders are required to use a boss encounter addon, for example Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs.

Raiders’ alts are able to attend farm raids if they are approved by the Senate. See appropriate forum post to request approval of alts.

Raiders can apply for official off-role specializations. This will grant priority in off-role loot rolls over other raiders. See appropriate forum post to request official off-role.

Chapter 4 – Loot rules

The EPGP LootMaster addon must be installed to receive loot during raids.

Effort Points (EP) are awarded starting at raid time, and every 30 minutes of raiding.
An additional bonus is given at a new progress boss kill. See appropriate forum post for EP values.

Gear Point (GP) are given upon receiving loot. Loot for off-role, sidegrade and alts are free of charge and are determined by a roll within the EPGP addon. See appropriate forum post for GP values.

Loot priority is: Mainspec - Official off-role - Sidegrade - Alt mainspec/raider off-role - Alt off-role. Rolling sidegrade on tier tokens for warforged/tertiary/sockets count as raider off-role in the priority list.

Off-role only applies to classes which have different roles (damage dealer, healer or tank) available to them, and only applies to specialisation specific items like necks, backs, weapons, rings or trinkets. Regular loot always counts as sidegrade, despite having better secondary stats for another specialisation.

BoE drops cannot be rolled for off-role or for alts, and must be equipped by the receiving player after receiving them. BoE drops not claimed for mainspec will be sold with profits going to the guild bank.

Every raiding member starts out with a base of 1000 GP. This value is re-added at the launch of a new expansion.

At the start of an expansion every Legionnaire is granted 500 EP. Recruits promoted to Legionnaire rank also receive this as a reward for completing their trial.

EP and GP are decayed by 10% on every Monday. For a new raid tier they are decayed by 50% and fully reset for a new expansion.

Chapter 5 – The Academy

The Academy is organized at one raiding difficulty level below Legion V’s main raids, and will adjust according to the raids performance. It is a less serious form of raiding for our social members, alts or friends, and a tool for undergeared players to prepare for proper raiding.

The Academy is organized every Monday from 20:00 to 23:00.

Anyone is welcome to sign up for the Academy on OpenRaid, but people with the Academy rank and other guild members have priority for spots.

The Academy does not utilize the EPGP loot system, and loot is distributed by the Need for Greed system by a Master Looter.

Created 08/06/2015. Old Guild rules can be found in the Old Posts section of the forum
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Re: Legion V rules

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Edit 05/08/2015:
Our raid times are Wednesdays, andThursdays and Sundays from 20:00 to 23:00. from 20:00 to 23:30 and Sunday from 19:30 to 23:00. Invites start 30 minutes prior to raid start.

Edit 10/09/2015:
BoE drops cannot be rolled for off-role, sidegrade or for alts, and must be equipped by the receiving player after receiving them. BoE drops not claimed for mainspec will be sold with profits going to the guild bank.
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